1.2 Google Shared Drive

The Google Shared Drive and GRIT storage space share a very similar folder structure. The main difference is that the Google Shared Drive does not have any data folders, since all data is stored at GRIT. And of course, all files on Google Shared Drive are only collaborative Google Docs/Sheets/Slides. Everything else is stored at GRIT.

1.2.1 General Structure

Google Drive
  |__ My Drive
  |   |__ ... whatever files you have on your personal Google Drive ...
  |__ Shared drives
      |__ emLab
          |__ central-emlab-resources
          |__ communications
          |__ projects

The emLab Google Shared Drive is organized into three main folders:

  • central-emlab-resources: includes meeting and event information, project management guidelines, onboarding materials, information about travel reimbursements, strategy, computing, and the team roster

  • communications: includes the blog schedule, publication and media tracking, and any Google Docs/Sheets/Slides relating to communications

  • projects: includes information on past (archive) and current projects

1.2.2 Project Folder Structure

Google Drive
  |__ Shared drives
      |__ emLab
          |__ projects
              |__ archived-projects
              |__ current-project
              |   |__ example-project
              |   |   |__ deliverables
              |   |   |__ grant-eporting
              |   |   |__ meetings-and-events
              |   |   |__ presentations
              |   |   |__ project-materials

Each project folder must contain at least the following 5 folders:

  • deliverables: final reports, paper manuscripts, other final deliverables not related to data outputs

  • grant-reporting: grant reports for funders

  • meetings-and-events: meeting notes, agendas, documentation for workshop/event planning

  • presentations: any presentations created for the project

  • project-materials: everything else that does not fit into one of these folders (i.e.¬†drafts of methods, literature review, etc.)

From here, each project can add additional folders or sub-folders as needed. Just ensure that only collaborative Google Docs/Sheets/Slides are stored on Google Shared Drive. All other files should be stored on GRIT.