1.1 Google Calendar

Our team relies heavily on Google Calendar to check team member’s availability and schedule meetings. Please keep your calendar up to date!

1.1.1 Setting Out of Office Notifications

The best way to let people know if you are on vacation or out of the office is by setting up your calendar event as “Out of Office” instead of a regular event. You can customize this to automatically decline meetings on that day.

1.1.2 Adding Other Calendars

To view team member’s calendars, click on the plus symbol next to “Other calendars” on the left hand side of your calendar and select “Subscribe to calendar.” There is a full list of team emails in the emLab Team Roster document.

1.1.3 Scheduling Rooms

See this Room Scheduling document for full details on how to reserve rooms in both Bren and MSI. As a reminder, please add to the calendar invite for any meeting held in MSI 1304.